get better sleep while menstrating

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Consider it a burden or a boon- the monthly menstruation cycle is an intricate part of every woman’s life. These few days of every month is accompanied by numerous symptoms that are often acutely painful like cramps and constant abdominal pain. So much so, it can hamper your daily lifestyle and even sleeping patterns. But practising certain sleeping habits and choosing the right bedding for optimum support can ensure you get sound sleep even during this time of the month.

The following are a few tried and tested tips that can help you to overcome menstrual cramps and sleep soundly.

Factors That Affect Sleep during Periods

Women experience major sleep disruption during periods for various reasons including pain. Understanding the reasons make it easier to find a suitable solution:

  • Anxiety- Mood swings are common for many women during this time, and it can lead to anxiety and hypertension for which make it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Body temperature fluctuation- For many women, they often experience fluctuating body temperatures.
  • Cramps- Muscle contraction and cramps can be extreme during periods which make it difficult to get sound sleep.
  • Staining- While sleeping, subconscious worries about staining the bed can disrupt sleep.

Ideal Sleeping Positions

Whether you are on your period or not, the wrong sleeping posture can lead to pain and uneasiness. It gets worse when combined with menstrual pain. The following are some of the best sleeping positions that can provide relief from the pain:

  1. Fetal position

Fetal Sleeping Position to reduce menstrual cramps


This is one of the best positions to relieve abdominal pain during periods and habitual side sleepers will be easily able to adapt to this. It reduces muscle tension which in turn minimizes cramps. The pressure on the abdominal muscles is reduced in this position, keeping your body relaxed. Another plus side of sleeping in this curled up posture is that chances of leakage are minimized as your legs are squeezed together and you are resting on one side.

A downside is that your lower back is arched in an unnatural position if you are curled up too tightly. If you do not change your sleeping posture much during the night, being curled up this way through the night can lead to mild shoulder and backaches.

  1. On the back

Sleeping on the back to reduce menstrual cramps


Lying flat on the bed on your back has many benefits. This provides relief to your spine as it is a very natural position. Moreover, your hands, legs, and shoulders are not jammed under your body and hence, these muscles are sufficiently relaxed too.

Sleeping on your back can increase snoring tendencies since your tongue is pulled to the back of your throat due to gravity and it is not the best posture if you suffer from sleep apnea. Another minor hazard posed by this position is blood leakage and staining.

The trouble with snoring can be easily rectified by choosing a suitable snoring aid and organic mattressesdesigned for superior back alignment or for users suffering from back pain.

Other Ways to Relieve Pain

Apart from sleeping in the best position, choosing the right mattress and bedding accessories is important too. Here are a few things which can help you out during this time:

  1. A suitable mattress

It is important to choose a mattress that is helpful for back pain sufferers if you chronically suffer from severe lower abdominal pain during menstruation. Mattresses which are moderately firm, and does not mould easily according to the curve of your body can provide enough support to your back, minimizing pain in the process. Mattresses made of organic latex are a healthier choice in many ways. The material is breathable and insulating which adjusts according to your body and room temperature to make it easier to fall asleep.

  1. Hot packs

Hot packs can help relieve you from pain during periods. Take a hot shower before you go to bed or place a hot bag or pad underneath the mattress topper in a position directly below your abdomen so that you can be somewhat relaxed as you lie down.

  1. Ample pillows

Use pillows to cushion your stomach and abdomen from the sides. Place them under your feet if you lie on your back to keep your feet above your heart to increase blood circulation. If you are a side sleeper, use a bolster between your legs to keep your lower body muscles relaxed. The key is to make sure your back is aligned. Make sure the sleeping pillow has the right height so that the neck and shoulder alignment is correct.

Menstrual cycles are a natural process which is an inevitable part of every woman’s life. But knowing how to remedy some of the side effects can make it much more tolerable. When you can ensure ample sleep, much of the anxiety and health issues are curbed. The tips shared here are can ensure sound sleep during your menses.