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So, you’ve decided you need a home office. Even if you already have an office design idea in mind, it’s worth keeping your options open at this all-important visualization stage. Along with 5.2% of Americans, you’re going to spend many hours working from home.

Your home office design should be geared towards comfort and productivity. It should be a place where you can focus and get your work done quickly so that you can get back to real home living sooner.

We’ve crammed in ten things here to consider when looking at office design ideas.

1. X Marks the Spot with Enough Space

Whether a separate room or a corner in your living area, select a space that will be free from distractions. It should offer privacy and quiet –even if you do have small children.

Think about when you work. A perfect nook in your living room could be the worst place if you work at night and everyone else watches TV at the same time.

You need more space than you think and should make allowances for natural movement. Give yourself enough room to stand up in front of their desk or sit back from it.

Make a note of all possible measurements in your office. Keep these handy when shopping or before you move furniture from other rooms in the house to your office.

2. Desk and Chair, Shelving and Storage

Make sure your desk has a big enough surface area. You might only have a laptop at the moment, but what if you decide to hook up a 24-inch second screen later? Will you have enough space for your scratchpad, mug of tea, and glasses case?

Is there enough space to write or draw something on paper if you move your laptop to one side? Can your notebooks or files sit on the desk without being in danger of falling over the edge?

Do you have enough leg room beneath the desk and enough room above your head? Are the desk and the chair at the right height for your body? If you answered yes to all these questions, we’d say you’ve got this one taped!

A rigorously clean desk is a must. Only keep current work on your desk. Reference materials should be on a shelf nearby. A tidy desk is possible if you have enough shelves for books and files.

You’ll also need trays, baskets, and boxes for storing office supplies and computer accessories. Converting built-in clothes cupboards into office shelves (and removing the doors) is one option to think about.

3. Bulletin Boards, Hooks, Plugs, and Wires

Bulletin Boards are great for little pieces of paper of all descriptions. Add hooks for items such as your earphones, and keys. Organize your wires so that they are out of sight, and you don’t trip over them.

4. Natural and Artificial Light and Rooms with a View

We advise against working in a space with no window and no natural light. To save desk space, buy a wall-mounted lamp with an articulated arm for use on dull days and at night. Roller blinds and vertical blinds take up less space than curtains.

5. A Theme with Your Personal Touch

Everything you put in your office will contribute to your theme. Websites such as theoneinteriors.com.au/zh-hans/ provide ample inspiration for indoor space renovation, design, and decoration.

Artwork, sculptures, cut flowers, indoor plants, a colorful rug, and a comfortable armchair all add a personal touch. Be in the center of your comfort zone!

Ready to Try an Office Design Idea Yourself?

The shortest commute ever, usually from the kitchen, gets you to your home office. Enjoy the freedom your new space allows, as you get used to the notion that your office design idea is the best one for you.

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