Today we all lead such busy and hectic lives that a lot of us find it very difficult to relax. Here are 5 steps to a stress free day to help busy people relax.


These days our daily schedules are packed so full that we are more stressed than ever before. Even once we get home from our busy day at the office, we can still find our lives to be filled with a range of chores and errands. This isn’t good for our mental well being, physical health – or our relationships.

No worries. I’m here to help you to start enjoying more stress-free days.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy a stress free day!

You just need to follow these 5 useful and healing steps below.

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Step 1: Don’t Set Yourself Up For Huge Expectations

First of all, it’s important that you don’t give yourself any overly scheduled expectations for the day – that will be difficult to live up to. When you realize you can’t accomplish a huge to-do-list, you start feeling a lot more stressed.

Look at your “to do list” and explore…

  • Delegating tasks.
  • Whittling down your “to do list” to a “to do what matters most list.”
  • Chunking down big projects into small manageable 20 minute segments which you can do over time. For example, if you’re writing a book, write for 20 minutes a day – or 20 minutes twice a day.
  • Shrinking down your daily rituals into smaller 2 – 15 minute segments – and still get their desired benefits. For example, work out for only 15 minutes or meditate for 2 minutes using sensory meditations.

Step 2: Remember To Breathe


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Make sure you take plenty of deep breaths throughout the day. When you take deep inhalations, a message is sent to your brain telling it to relax. Your brain then sends this message of relaxation to the rest of the body.

In my book Instant Calm, I recommend a 4 second phrase you can use for an extra relaxing breathing meditation.

Recommended Breathing Meditation

  • Try inhaling for a count of 4, then exhaling for a count of four.
  • On the Inhale repeat silently to yourself: “I am stronger than my challenges.”
  • On the exhale repeat silently to yourself: “My challenges are making me stronger.”
  • Repeat for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Take Natural Relaxants

It’s also worth taking a few natural relaxants through the day as well. For instance, you might want to use some CBD oil products as CBD has been shown to help people relax and unwind. There are also some foods that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of anxiety – which you might want to add into your diet. For instance: Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, honey, bananas, and eggs. Plus studies report that being dehydrated can create feelings of anxiety – so make sure you are drinking enough water throughout your day.

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Ever wish that “STRESS” had an off switch? It does. Learn about myANXIETY CURE course.

Step 4: Take Plenty Of Breaks

Make sure you don’t work too many hours in a row without a break – or else you will end up very frazzled and burned out. Studies show that it’s best for your brain’s processing abilities to take a “time out” at least every 50 – 90 minutes – so as to refresh your clarity of mind. A productivity experiment done by  Draugiem Group reported that their most productive employees took regular and frequent breaks, working in 52-minute “sprints” with 17-minute breaks. So, be sure to regularly get up from your desk, stretch, then go for a quick walk. Or enjoy your “time out” by getting an energizing coffee or a relaxing peppermint tea or chamomile tea.

Step 5: Get Plenty Of Sleep

You should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! If you get a full 7-8 hours then you will certainly feel very rejuvenated for the day ahead. If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out the many science-based relaxing meditations in my book Instant Calm.

Here’s a simple and effective meditation – excerpted from Instant Calm – which I use in the evenings when I’m feeling restless and can’t fall asleep.

Top 5 Steps To A Stress-Free DayGrapefruit Sensory Meditation

The James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio performed an interesting study on relaxing power of grapefruit essential oils on their busy nurses.

These nurses were self-admitted frequent sufferers of work-related stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

In this study, the nurses were instructed to regularly inhale grapefruit essential oil throughout their day.

The result? The nurses reported nursing themselves back to a better emotional state, with great improvements in their stress levels!

How to do this meditation:

Chakra it up: Get a bottle of grapefruit essential oil. If you have sensitive skin or just want to be extra-safe, dilute three to five drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. Dab some on the famous chakra point in the middle of your wrist.

  • When you’re stressed and  can’t sleep at night – smell your wrist, and repeat the following meditation: “I am open to feeling calm. Insights and guidance are coming to me – to help me with my situation. All is moving forward for my greater good.”

I love to meditate right before I go to sleep, whenever I’m worried about something. I  fall asleep more easily. Plus, when I wake up in the morning I often find I have truly helpful insights about my challenges. And i feel far more confident about facing the day ahead.

Note: The above is one of many simple and effective meditations shared in Instant Calm.

Enjoy Regular Stress Free Days

If you carry out these five steps every day, you might be very surprised at how often you can experience stress free days.

Need more support to lower stress and overwhelm, and increase calm, focus, and sleep? Check out all the science-based and easy-to-do meditations in Instant Calm.