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Far too many Americans are getting divorced. In one year, there are nearly 750,000 divorces in the United States. Many people do not want to be a part of this unfortunate statistic.

The good news is that counseling can help save your marriage. A licensed marriage counselor will get down to the root cause and help both partners work towards reconciliation.

Read on to learn if your marriage needs counseling. Explore 5 signs that you need marriage counseling to rebuild a healthy relationship.

1. Constant Fighting

Constant fighting is the most obvious sign that you need marriage therapy. It is not healthy for partners to be routinely fighting, bickering, or in arguments.

This relationship takes a toll on each partner’s mental well-being. In the worst cases, the fighting escalates into physical violence. It is also important to remember that routine arguing is not healthy for your children either.

2. Lack of Communication

A strong marriage is built on a foundation of communication. Each partner is able to freely communicate with each other whether the topic is positive or negative.

Rocky marriages often start with a cease in communications. Partners do not believe they can freely communicate so they start bottling up their emotions. They hold topics inside, which only makes matters worse as time goes on.

Fortunately, a licensed marriage counselor is trained to foster good communication. They will teach you techniques that allow for open communication.

3. Infidelity

Infidelity occurs when one partner decides to cheat on another. Both husbands and wives are capable of cheating. Infidelity is not restricted to one gender or another.

On average, roughly 20% of men are unfaithful to their partner. For women, this figure is 13%, which is still a significant figure.

While a small percentage of marriages are okay with a non-monogamous relationship, the overwhelming majority are not. Often, infidelity is the root cause of divorce.

A marriage counselor can help partners find out why they cheated in the first place. They can help get the marriage back on track by solving these problems.

4. Finances

Disagreements over finances are a common sign that you need marriage therapy. Couples routinely disagree on spending habits or undisclosed sources of money.

Keeping secrets is not healthy for any marriage. Also, a strong marriage works as a team to manage their finances. A marriage counselor can help you talk out these issues and get you back on track.

5. Parenting Style

Many couples disagree on how to raise their children. Perhaps one parent is strict while the other parent is hands-off.

Naya Clinics in Ohio helps parents talk through these types of disagreements. There is a middle ground that is reachable with the help of a professional.

5 Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that both sides agree to marriage counseling is a good indication of the relationship’s foundation. Both partners are willing to work to keep it going.

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