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Although many people look forward to the holiday season, it also marks the beginning of the winter blues. With cold weather and long nights, it’s normal to feel more sadness and anxiety than usual. These symptoms are even more severe for the five percent of the population that experiences seasonal affective disorder (SAD). With so many restrictions in place this year, there could be a rise in the cases of SAD.

The good news is that there are still ways to keep your spirits up this winter season; one of the best is through food and drink. Studies show that cooking for pleasure may improve your mental health. Here are five New York City cooking classes that will get those creative culinary juices flowing.

1) Cozymeal Cooking Classes

As one of the most popular cooking companies in NYC, Cozymeal continues to offer in-person experiences in addition to online classes. There is truly something for everyone, with both vegetarian and vegan classes and a wide range of global recipes from places like Greece, France, and Mexico. They also offer lessons to help you improve your kitchen techniques, including the best ways to roll sushi and improving your knife skills.

Online classes are interactive, with real-time questions and answers. They’re also affordable, with most under the $40 mark. You’ll pay by the device, making it a fun and affordable activity for the entire family.

2) Paint & Sip

While not technically a cooking class, Paint & Sip now offers classes online so you can enjoy food and wine pairings from the comfort of your home while learning to paint your very own masterpiece.

Pre-recorded classes offer ultimate flexibility by allowing you 30 days to view the lesson. You pay a small fee for the class itself and order supplies in packages according to the number of people in your party.

Virtual live parties are also offered and allow participants to log in from multiple devices, so your friends and family across the country can join in too.

3) Pizza School NYC

It’s no easy feat making oven-fired pizza at home, but Pizza School NYC makes it happen. Live two and a half hour classes take place over Zoom. Instructions are tailored to the supplies you have at home, so if you don’t need a pizza stone. The class includes all steps in the process, from forming the dough to making a show-stopping homemade sauce. Resources are also given before class so you can show up prepared.

4) The League of Kitchens

All the instructors at the League of Kitchens are immigrant women who will teach you how to make authentic family-style recipes. Cuisines include Persian, Argentinian, Lebanese, and more. The maximum class size is thirteen, so you’ll be able to interact with your instructor and classmates with ease.

5) Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen offers both in-person and online classes for kids and adults alike. Kids and families can decorate gingerbread houses and holiday cookies, learn to make dinner for the entire family, and experience international, kid-friendly recipes such as sushi and dumplings. Adult-only classes include cookies and cocktails, pasta making, fresh bagels, and happy hour recipes.

While trying to find ways to be social and creative can improve your mental health, sometimes greater interventions are necessary. Resources like Enterhealth can get you the help you need. Staying busy and learning new skills is key to keeping your mental health high. Cooking is just the tip of the iceberg – check out other events and activities going on in New York this winter.