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Many people the world over have seen Greco-Roman frescos and mosaic art. Every piece was important to the integrity and splendor of the whole picture.

It’s just something about how they were able to take little colorful shards and displayed them in grandiose pictures and iconography.

Gone are their eras, but their artistic tastes still resonate with us even today. These days, mosaics are still a great way to display art and detail in your home.

Here are some ways you can display great mosaic art in your home.

Creative Ways to Display Mosaic Art

First, what is a mosaic? It is a composite picture that is made up of small pieces of glass or tile. The beautiful colors displayed come from this, and they can bring a uniqueness to your home.

1. Actual Mosaic Pieces

There’s nothing more creative than just being simple and practical. You can always add an actual mosaic art to the room and make it a point of interest. You can have it bring in all the other colors of the room and bring it to life.

2. Room Accents

Not all the time does the mosaic have to be the focal point of the room though. Having them as room accents can bring the room all together. It can create beautiful asymmetry in the room.

Some ideas for this can be making a light mosaic of your fireplace or fill in certain parts of walls and paneling.

3. Backsplashes

Just like adding it to the fireplace, why not add it to the kitchen as a nice backsplash of irregular color(s)?

Adding a nice mosaic tile to act as a backsplash can create a character in whatever room you choose to do it in. Most new-age houses have that bland, sterile white looking kitchen.

Add some personality by adding that sky blue backsplash

4. Outdoor Displays

Adding mosaic art to your outdoor space can give you that Greco-Roman feeling of grandeur, as their houses and porticos were mostly open spaces. By adding it to an outdoor space, you bring the character outside as well.

5. Furniture

If you don’t want to make it a permanent fixture on walls or floors in your home, why not get mosaic furniture. It gives the impression to guests that you are cultured, and also adds to the same idea as room accents.

Even if you go with the light colors of a modern house, mosaic furniture can give you that splash of color that you need to liven up the space.

Life Is Your Canvas

Mosaic art is a great style to add to your home. It has character, history, and culture behind it that makes it something worth considering to make a part of your living spaces.

You may not be a Greek or Roman, but you can still have a home as beautiful as theirs used to be by adding some mosaics. Add some culture to your home.

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