5 Advantages of Having OHS Management SystemsPhoto by Daniel Frank

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Safe Work Australia found an estimated number of 2,500 Australian workers losing their lives while at work over the past decade. Many workers also become disabled or injured because of accidents in the workplace. That is why every company, regardless of industry or size, should have robust OHS management systems in place to minimise the risk of their workers. It is a good practice to ensure your organisation’s commitment to maintaining workplace safety, and it may even ensure the health and safety of your clients.

Knowing the exact advantages of having an OHS management system can help you understand and appreciate its importance. Here are five of them:

  1. Risk assessment made easy

An OHS management software solution will streamline risk assessment tasks and make sure that such activities are backed by safe work procedures, predefined compliance check lists, and full JSAs. Some platforms have automated systems for managing compliance practices and occupational health and safety practices in your organisation, too.

  1. Keep things organised

High-quality OHS management systems can provide a centralised repository of all your data, so you do not have to worry about misplacing files or forgetting where you stored a certain file. Folders are customisable and can be labelled according to your organisation’s standards. This way, you can easily keep records organised and you know exactly where to find them for easy retrieval.

  1. Update records fast

The right software will simplify data entry with a drag-and-drop functionality and a feature that lets you email scanned files to the system, and they will be automatically uploaded to a select case file.

  1. Savings

With the right OHS management systems, you could curb the expenses related to hospitalisation, therapy, treatments, sick days, and insurance premiums down the line.

  1. Enhance your organisation’s health and safety performance

An OHS management system will help your business implement a more systematic approach to overseeing occupational health and safety and an effective means to boost your management strategies. It may help your employees understand your OHS objectives and follow protocol more effectively, too.