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Have you thought about buying a 4×4? The best part is imaging the accessories on them, not just the jeep itself.

The problem is, when you enter a 4×4 accessories store (Ironman, TMJ, or similar), you are bombarded with all-terrain vehicles that they say are essential for off-road travel.

You can make a few essential upgrades to your Vanilla Hilux Ranger BT-50. But if you want to travel around Australia or Angola in a 4×4, you’re going to need some serious upgrades.

But don’t panic here’s everything you need to know about 4×4 accessories.

SUV Luxury 

Traveling in an SUV is a luxury for most people, especially for recreation. It’s hard to work out which SUVs you need to travel to in other countries. Australia is commonplace to travel in a 4×4.

First, make sure you have the right basic vehicle. Then get a suspension upgrade to match that the 2019 Jeep Wrangler if you’re planning on going traveling to somewhere exotic like the Sahara.

Here you will find our guide to find the right 4×4 vehicle for you. We think these are some of the most important wide selection of quality jeep accessories out there, so we decided to do a minimum that we would recommend to most people.

You can always add more, but these are our starting points.

Important 4×4 Mods for Traveling in Australia

Here is a table of what 4×4 off-road accessories and on-road accessories are, what they cost, and how long they take to install. I have included working hours to approximate the cost, as the mechanics vary in price. Some of these mods cost well over $100 an hour, especially if you have a friend you live with in the middle of Sydney.

Work is the time it takes a mechanic to get the job done. When you are at work for the first time, it will take forever for you to realize that you are missing tools, screws, or parts that need modification.

Steel Bull Bar

The first thing you need is a heavy steel barrier. Bullbars are one of the most important 4×4 off-road gear in Australia due to the abundance of wildlife on the roads. Prices are in Australian dollars here in Adventure Australia.

When you get a glimpse of water buffalo, then you will be in trouble. It’s easy to get hit by a kangaroo.

The driving bull bars in Australia must be made of steel. Alloy is not enough, more than one should be used, not plastic.

Front Guard

You can install a front guard yourself. You can expect to pay $1,500 for a good steel bracket, $4 to $500 for installation, or a total of $2,000 if you do the installation yourself. There is such a wide selection of quality jeep accessories that you can find the right front guard for your price.

I have seen cheaper bull bars under $1,000, but they all have a longer delivery lead time and are usually delivered within a week or two and online shops see that a bull bar worth $2,500 has all the bells and whistles you don’t need, and the entire thing is a tax write-off.

Unfortunately, they have no instructions at all. You get vague diagrams and lots of nuts and bolts, but nothing else.

All you have to do is drill a hole and it’s mounted. You will have a few leftovers. The bits are contained as part of the underside of the body. You can cut them out of the car, but it depends on the car and equipment.

There is so much recovery gear for 4wd.

UHF Antenna and Radio

The UHF antenna and radio are some of the most popular 4×4 accessories. You’ll need them for pretty much everything.

You don’t need a fancy radio for multi-channel communication. The reason you need a UHF radio is that there is no mobile phone reception in many remote areas of Australia, so you should be on the phone in an emergency. If you collapse and it is late at night and you have no supplies, you have no way to come into contact with civilization.

By mounting an external antenna, you can get even more range out of this device. It can be tempting to get a handheld device.

The expansion of UHF is Ultra High Frequency as well as is the name of a frequency range similar to VHF which you may remember when you switched on your own television in the mid-1990s.

Lights and Spotlights

Expect to pay at least $20 an hour for a technician. Light strips and headlights are cheap to wire, they can be passed on, fuses are not hard to get, and if you are a little mechanical, we have an article about everything you need. In case the headlights are not sufficient. How often do you have to do this alone?

You can install a bright pair of LED headlights for approximately $300 to $500 and make it one of the cheapest and coolest 4×4 mods out there. Your truck looks like a bee’s knee.

 Dual Battery System

Many car batteries have a short shelf life, so a second battery is a good insurance if the primary battery fails. A battery-powered motorhome is a good way to insulate the power grid.

If you want to run accessories out of the battery, you should disconnect the battery from the accessory so that you never run out of the starter battery.

For the most expensive camper setups, battery campers usually have lithium batteries that weigh 1 / 4 the weight of a lead-acid AGM battery that costs 4-8 times as much.

LED Battery Upgrade

For us, we mounted an LED acid battery on the bonnet, built a double battery, and connected solar panels while we parked. There are many ways to build a good DC system, and although the double battery is a good idea, it also serves the purpose of a backup or starter battery when everything else goes pear-shaped.

Expect to pay about $2 an hour for an assembly time (or $1 an hour if they are generous) and a few things to lug around on wires.

 What 4×4 Accessories Are Right for You?

Upgrading the chassis is one of the most important mods you can invest in 4×4. Suspension upgrades are often mixed with GVM upgrades. But they are not the same.

You can improve your suspension by obtaining a technical certificate, going to the transport department, and submitting documentation, but you cannot upgrade to a GVM.

To know about the 4×4 roof rack, please follow the link.