Commercial roofing contractors can use the new patented HULK gun to spray, spatter, splatter or create a bead pattern. It is the first in the market with a patented air purge design that works with heated and non-heated systems. Learn more about the new dispensing gun here.


Carlisle, PA, January 25, 2022— 4C’s Spray Equipment, home to the Heated Urethane Low-rise Adhesive Kart (HULK), has unveiled a new and improved dispensing gun to make commercial roofing spray easier. The Newly Patented Hulk Gun prolongs static mixing tips and can be used for spraying, spatter, splatter, and bead application. Its patented air purge design and fluid handle allow users to switch between spatter and bead applications. Furthermore, the gun can be used with either a heated or non-heated system, making it suitable for cold weather.

“Our patented HULK dispensing gun will make you wonder why you waited so long to try it. It features an air purge valve handle and a fluid handle that allows you to quickly switch between a spatter/splatter installation to a bead pattern, making it convenient for every commercial roofing adhesive job. The new and improved patented design will have your crew operating efficiently and accurately,” explained Mike Calaman, Founder and owner of 4C’s Spray Equipment.

Calaman founded the company in 1997 to help contractors make their spray roofing work easier. The HULK is a one-of-a-kind spray equipment with a 110′ heated hose that eliminates the headache of moving barrels and hoses and pumps to the roof. It also has a 34-inch spray rig that fits perfectly through doors for easy movement. Calaman and his staff offer training to teach contractors how to use the HULK and provide ongoing support.

“We are a family-owned company serving the commercial roofing industry since 1997. Our commitment to providing superior products is unmatched, which has made the HULK stand out among competitors. All our products are manufactured in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and are built on years of experience and the need to provide viable solutions. We also provide training, service, and support, whereby you can come to us, or we can come to you,” added Calaman.

4C’s Spray Equipment is designed to help commercial roofing contractors save money and time. The firm offers several purchasing options for clients who want to Save time & money with the HULK system. Contractors can also get financing options up to $600 per month. Contractors who have used the equipment have heaped praises on the firm citing high-quality products and exemplary customer support.

“I was tasked with finding a machine that could handle the wear and tear of a roofing crew, easy to maintain, easy to use once in the field, and one that would allow larger size low-rise foam sets. After reviewing three different machines, we ended up with the HULK. The HULK was priced competitively with features such as the heated hoseline and tank warmers. We knew we had the correct machine for dispensing the product at the perfect temperature,” said Carson Finney, Director of Sales and Service at Ideal Building Solutions.

About 4C’s Spray Equipment: 4C’s Spray Equipment is a family-owned business that designs, sells, and rents spray equipment to help commercial roofing contractors make their work easier. The HULK is a spray rig that provides contractors with improved efficiency. The company also has other products that help contractors save money and time, such as the newly patented dispensing gun. 4C’s is committed to providing superior spray equipment and outstanding customer support.

Contact Information:

Name: Mike Calaman
Organization:4 C’s Spray Equipment
Address:367 York Road, Carlisle PA 17013