The lifestyle of blogging is becoming more and more glamorous as the years go on. For some, it will just start off as a small hobby, which unintentionally turns into something big. But this seems to be a dying trend at the minute, and we’re finding that more and more people are going into this for the lifestyle that it creates. It’s no secret that bloggers can earn a lot of money, have a lot of opportunities, and just seem to be loving the life they’re living. So we’re now noticing that more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon for the way of the life that it creates, not because they simply need their spot on the internet to be able to rant about things.

Whatever route it is that you chose to go into blogging, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a hard thing to get into. So many people are trying it right now, and realising that it isn’t just about throwing together a post every week, there’s so much more involved that needs to be considered. So if you’re unsure as to where this blogging journey is going to take you, listen up. We’re going to show you how blogging is more than just a post or two a week, so maybe it’ll change your mind about your blogging goal, or maybe it will motivate you!

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The Perfect Post

So, this is going to be both a positive, and a negative start to the article. When you start getting a little more serious about blogging, and you know that you have a following behind you that’s loyal to you, you start getting yourself deeply involved in the perfect post. So even though you really don’t want to be posting more than three times a week, two is plenty, it’s not just a simple post that’s easy to put up. It starts with the idea, and then you have to be able to turn that idea into something visual and readable, which is not always easy. So you start thinking about all of the ways that you can make it perfect, from spending days outdoors trying to get the perfect images, to thinking about the ways that you can make your writing style more readable and fun. So you end up spending hours and hours, if not days, on this one post. Tweaking it until it can be tweaked no more, until it goes live! But this can also turn into a positive, because you’re so wrapped up in this hobby of yours, that producing the perfect posts actually does become a passion. So it gives you something to fill your time where you’re not just scrolling through your phone, or sat at work hating your life! So our top tip to take away from this one, is although we know that most of you will be desperate to produce the perfect post, don’t let it consume your life. Plan the post properly, and enjoy what you’re doing. The moment it becomes mentally draining for you, stop!

The Amazing Opportunities

There will be so many different opportunities for you to follow, and that’s what we love about blogging. We totally get why so many people go into this with the view of making money and having the lifestyle, because it is there for the taking if you’re prepared to work for it. It won’t be something that shows itself right away, and it will most likely take months, if not more than a year, to start happening for you. You have to make sure that first, your blog has a following that is considered to be high, with people engaging with your posts every single time you post them. This isn’t going to come if you force it, you have to naturally be engaging and informing friendships with other bloggers.

Your content obviously has to be on point as well, so that plenty of people will want to come and read it! But when you finally do, there will be so many great opportunities, such as amazon affiliate schemes, whereby you will earn money through affiliate marketing with Amazon. This is most likely how you will start making some money, as it’s super easy, and all the companies require you to do, is have a good following. However, after the months pass and your blog goes from strength to strength, you can start contacting companies for collaborations. If you’re using products and tagging the brand, they might even come to you for a collab! The money will be great if that is the option, or you might just find yourself with a ton of freebies!

The Backlash

Now back to a negative of blogging, and one that we hate about it. We’re all for the blogging world, and if you can turn this into a money maker as well as a passion of yours, then you really have hit the jackpot. But this is something that you might not have considered with your blog before, and that’s the backlash you’ll face as your blog gets a bigger audience. It will no doubt be connected to social media as well, as that’s the only real way to grow your blog. So you’ll be posting on the internet, and posting on social media, and it just creates a haven for jealous people looking to make a comment. So you’ll really have to build up a thick skin for this, and take any backlash with a pinch of salt. People aren’t doing as well as you are, and that just makes them bitter. So always try and ignore negative feedback, unless it’s something genuine that you need to work on. The moment people start commenting on you and who you are as a person, you need to be able to shut your mind off!

The Big Decisions

The biggest big decision you’ll have to make with blogging, is knowing whether to take it to a career or not. If you’re making money, your following just keeps on growing, and the opportunities are flowing, then it can be easy to think it’s the right move. But think what you’d do if everything was snapped away in seconds, and what you’d have to fall back on!