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White label review management is the ability to brand review automation software with your companies name.  Reputation management and review collection is arguably the hottest SaaS product in 2021.  Joining a white-label review collection program can create a great side-hustle or if you are already in the marketing industry, a great upsell to your current clients.


1. What is Reputation Management & Review Collection?

Reputation management and review collection is software designed around the ability to automate the time-consuming task of review collection.  Almost every business-to-consumer company needs reviews to stay relevant.  It’s how 85%+ of consumers make buying decisions every year.  Review collection is also a very time-consuming process.  You need to request a review from a client, keep checking to see if they post a review, if not follow-up with them, then wait once again.  Rinse and repeat again and again until you get a review.  How are you supposed to scale that process, especially if you are servicing dozens of clients every day?  It would take a full-time employee which can be extremely costly.

Review automation solves this process.  The software keeps track of who has reviewed you and who hasn’t.  It automatically sends out reminders via text message or email and can even incentivize customers through charitable donations and so much more.  As a result of review automation, your search engine optimization improves, you appear in more Google map searches, and land more new clients.

2. How Does White-Label Review Collection Software Work?

White-labeling, as we mentioned above, is the ability to brand software that was created by a different company as your own.  Arrivala does this by using non-branded domain names, allowing resellers to upload their own company logo and the removal of the Arrivala name throughout the software.  Continuing on the Arrivala example, instead of your clients visiting Arrivala.com the entire white-label program is run off a separate domain name, Review-Platform.com.  Since the domain name is unbranded, your clients will assume that you own the software they are using.

Signing up for a white-label review collection software is a very quick way to start bringing in extra income for your business while also offering a great service for your clients that will help them build their business.  Your start-up costs begin at only $49.99/month with Arrivala and allows you to create up to 10 sub-accounts under it.  You’ll likely be able to cover the $49.99 with your first client onboarding which means the additional 9 sub-accounts is pure-profit!


3. What Should I Look For In Reseller Review Collection Software?

Great question!  It’s always a great idea to compare features and pricing between different white-label review collection providers.  If you’re just starting out and this is a new side-hustle or you’re unsure how your current clients will respond to this new offering, pricing may be a major factor.  Luckily for you, white-label review collection pricing is a bit mixed when it comes to how providers layout their offerings.  For example, here at Arrivala we charge based on the number of review requests you assign to each sub-account.  Our base plan (which costs $49.99/month) includes 200 review requests that you can divide up between your sub-accounts.  Our only limitation is that each sub-account must be assigned at least 20 review requests.  That means based on the minimum of 20 review requests per account, you could have up to 10 sub-accounts for your clients.  With Arrivala you can also give some sub-accounts more quota than others.  Meaning, if you have one client that has a lot of monthly customers, you could separate out 100 review requests and assign it to them (which you would also charge a premium for) while keeping 20 review requests assigned to your other sub-accounts.  This flexibility with request quotas gives you a lot more flexibility than some other pricing models.

Speaking of those other pricing models, what are they?  The most common pricing model is charging per sub-account.  Generally speaking, a company might charge $99/month for your white-label reputation management account which includes three sub-accounts.  Each additional sub-account is billed at $30/month.  While this method seems straight-forward, it doesn’t take into account that some of your clients may see a lot of customers per month (and therefore need a lot of review request quota) while some of your clients may only see a handful.  Charging a flat rate per sub-account is not effective in our opinion in most cases.

What About Features?

The features included in a white-label reseller account are certainly an important consideration when deciding which provider to go with.  Generally speaking, most reputation management providers have the same base-set of features.  Meaning, they can all send out review requests via text message or email, they can all automatically follow-up with clients based on a set schedule, they all have reporting and connections to the most popular review platforms.  From there, the sub-features or ‘extras’ as we like to call them can vary from provider to provider.  Some (like Arrivala) offer charitable incentives for reviews while others may offer automatic posting to social media platforms.

You should certainly compare what you think is most important to you and your clients before making a decision.

4. What Should I Do Before Signing Up?

Before signing up for a white-label review management service you should make sure to have a business plan in place.  Understand how much you are paying per-account with your white-label provider and then come up with a pricing structure for your clients.  We recommend having at least one client ready to onboard once you sign-up.  That takes away a lot of the stress in signing up as one client often covers the cost of the entire reseller plan (at least with Arrivala).

Make sure you also have in place a way to bill your clients for the service you will be offering them.  There are some great services that offer recurring billing and some are even free to get started.  Here’s a great article on free recurring invoicing software.



White-label review collection software is a great way to take advantage of the massive trend in review collection.  Almost every B2C business needs review collection and if they are doing any kind of volume in business, it’s likely very time consuming and costly for them to manage it manually.  For that reason, review collection software is a pretty easy sell and the retention rate is very high.  Hopefully, this blog post helps you find the right provider, allowing you to make a big impact for your clients and grow their revenue as well as yours.

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Happy trails!