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Any eCommerce business wants to increase their sales. When you look online for tips and ideas, you’re probably finding quick schemes or companies promising amazing results if you part with your hard-earned profits for a course. Instead, try these proven ways to sell more online.


Create a page for every product so a site visitor can see more detailed information about it. This is an essential practice. Think of the difference between a detailed, well-presented page, with plenty of photos, additional variations, and a clear description of the product, as opposed to just one photo and a link to buy now. There’s a big difference.

You can use these pages to showcase variations, like colour, size, or fabric, of the product, with photos. Centring these options makes it easier for your potential buyer to imagine what their product will look like when they buy it.


Everyone loves a good deal. There’s no better way to offer a deal than by running a sales campaign on your eCommerce website. Whether you offer a percentage off, a set amount off, or a buy one get one free deal, getting a discount can make a big difference to a potential customer. You could prominently place a discount code on the front page or header of your website, send it in a newsletter, or manually create one for a loyal customer who asks for one.


Nobody wants to see poor quality product photos, especially as it’s easy to make them look great. Don’t use one only one photo. Take multiple shots so you have more options to choose from. When you take your pictures, make sure they are in high resolution. Use a professional camera, not your smartphone camera, unless it’s a very sophisticated one. People want to see sharp photos of the products and the option to zoom in.


If you’re working on your SEO, starting a blog will give you a handful of opportunities. A blog that is consistently updated with fresh content that grabs the attention of search engines, so you not only have more links out there on the internet but your overall ranking can get a boost too. Blog articles can also help to push your website into SEO overdrive.

By having a blog, you also have a loudspeaker and a podium to shout about your products. You can get playful, and write more about your products than would go into their descriptions on your store. For example, a blog article like, ‘How To Design Your Room Around A Mid-Century Modern Sofa’, with great pictures can help your site visitors to picture your products in their own home.

This takes them out of the primary consumer headspace, and you’re also providing value to them with your ideas, insights, and perspective, which a customer will appreciate.

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