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There are many different styles of patio doors, from sliding glass doors to French patio doors to zero post corner systems, but two styles are the most popular: exterior sliding patio doors and exterior folding glass patio doors. These two types of exterior doors are aesthetically pleasing and can blend a home’s interior with outdoor living spaces.

Exterior sliding glass patio doors feature expansive glass panels with a variety of frame options that can replace an entire wall in a home. Our multi slide door systems have been engineered for energy efficiency and structural integrity with high performance rollers for smooth operation. Sliding glass doors can be purchased with pocketing or non-pocketing doors that allow homeowners the opportunity to maximize the opening. Sliding glass doors are a great option for those who are looking for a beautiful way to add value to a home.

Another popular exterior patio door style is a folding patio door. These door systems fold like an accordion and can span openings greater than 60 feet wide. Our exterior folding patio doors can be configured to meet the demands of any project. If you want to create a space that makes your view the focal point, folding door systems are the way to go. With a folding door system, you can remove all obstacles from your eyeline with ease and stack each door panel to the side. Our exterior folding patio doors are available in aluminum, contemporary clad, vinyl, and wood options, with an additional thermally controlled option that’s ideal for those who live in extreme climates. View all our folding patio door options here.

At LaCantina Doors, we manufacture the most popular patio door styles and many others. All of our door systems are available in a myriad of designs so you can choose the best glass size and frame material for your home with ease. Our door systems will help you blend your interior living areas with exterior spaces to create an open layout that elevates the entire home design. In addition to blending indoor and outdoor living, here are three ways exterior patio doors add value to your home.

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1. Reduced energy costs with reliable protection from the elements

LaCantina exterior sliding patio doors are available with a wide range of energy efficient and thermally controlled options that will keep you comfortable regardless of what climate you live in. Each exterior sliding glass door system can be outfitted with dual glaze, triple glaze, or dual glazed Low-E tempered glass to provide you with the highest level of comfort and energy savings.

All of our exterior patio doors can keep your home cool during the warmer months and warm during the cold months, but if you live in more extreme climates, we recommend our thermally controlled systems that are designed for maximum protection against the elements. Exterior sliding patio doors can also be used to influence the temperature in your home in more temperate climates. By strategically installing sliding glass doors in different areas of your home, you can create a draft that will draw fresh air in to keep you comfortable without having to alter your thermostat.

All of our exterior sliding patio doors are optimized for energy efficiency so you can maximize your view, open up your living space, and install high performance glass doors without worrying about your electric bill skyrocketing. To learn more about our commitment to energy efficiency and overall performance, click here.

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2. Improved aesthetics and design

There’s no doubt that a beautifully crafted set of sliding glass doors adds an element of elegance and sophistication to any space. Functionally optimized with multiple glass panel sizes, LaCantina Doors can help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of. You can install a standard sliding glass patio door with multiple panels, or you can install accordion exterior patio doors to maximize your views and remove obstacles from your eyeline.

The best exterior patio doors combine beauty with energy efficiency and expertly engineered designs, so you don’t have to compromise between optimal aesthetics and performance. If you’re looking for exterior sliding patio doors that incorporate unique designs and are available in a variety of wood species, browse our Aluminum Wood sliding glass door line. These patio doors are well suited to create taller openings, so you can create a warm and open space that’s bound to make a statement.

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3. Valuable return on investment

Installing exterior patio doors adds value to a home in a variety of ways. From an improved connection to the outdoors to seamless integration into home designs, exterior sliding and folding exterior doors have the ability to elevate your entire living experience. With energy efficient glass and high-performance rollers, our exterior patio doors are easy to use and will help you keep your home comfortable year-round.

The best exterior patio doors have the ability to merge interior and exterior spaces to create an open layout and maximize the living space. Patio doors also allow more light to enter your home, which can reduce your electric bills each month.

You can take advantage of all the benefits that come with exterior patio doors while living in your home, but you can also benefit from installing exterior patio doors when you put your house on the market. More homeowners are looking for indoor-outdoor living spaces, more natural light, and increased energy efficiency which means that patio doors can make your home more appealing to a variety of home buyers.

Overall, patio doors can add value to your home

There’s a long list of benefits that come from installing exterior patio doors and each benefit adds value to your property. We manufacture some of the best exterior patio doors on the market and through our wide range of offerings, you can create the right exterior patio door for your home. You can choose your glass panel size, frame material, and energy efficiency glass option to design a custom sliding or folding patio door that truly elevates the overall aesthetic of your home. Browse our entire collection of folding patio doors here and our line of sliding patio doors here.