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B2B lead generation involves generating “sales-qualified leads” for your company. The quality of lead is gauged by its relevance and scale. By relevance – the lead is ranked by its fit back to your products and services, to be an ideal target customer for your company; and by scale, it’s all about sales revenue potential – the volume and project size opportunity.

Following the below 3 tactics will help design a marketing campaign or digital marketing strategy to improve your B2B lead generation success.


A winning call to action needs to capture awareness, interest and produce a response from your prospects by creating a sense of urgency. Trust is also a factor, ensuring you are not being tacky and hard selling. Work with messaging that resonates first to build interest, action, and a form of trust.

The messaging needs to create action to click, download, fill out a contact form, etc. You need to clearly communicate exactly what action the prospect needs to take — making it very clear what will happen once they click on a button or link in your marketing material.


Telemarketing will definitely support and further qualify leads generated from “marketing-qualified” to a “sales-qualified”. Questions can be asked by the telemarketer to further qualify based on the prospect’s challenges, purchases, needs, and requirements. No need to hard sell when engaging at this point – this is a discovery session to determine the fit between your company and the prospect

We treat this tactic as research for our clients and generate leads that are sales-worthy. The next step is then made by account managers and in-business salespeople to further qualify and pursue the new opportunity presented.


Ensure you conduct competitive reviews and scans to uncover what B2B marketing messaging, calls to action, and campaigns your competitors are undertaking. Study them and examine what could work and not work leveraging similar tactics. Then transform your approach, strategy, and program to better engage with your prospects.

This will help you test, measure, and improve your B2B lead generation campaign and digital marketing presence.

We help our clients grow with integrated and tailored B2B lead generation campaigns. If you’d like some help with your approach to B2B marketing, let’s chat.