3 Healthy Tips to Lose Those Stubborn Last 10 PoundsPhoto by Bill Oxford

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Tired of those pesky pounds that do not seem to melt despite your best efforts? Here are 3 healthy tips to lose those last stubborn 10 pounds.

  1. Nutrition – Get grass fed meats and drink a protein shake instead of unhealthy snacks during the day. Protein is a macronutrient which is vital for the proper functioning of the human body. Here is a list of the top 10 foods highest in protein per calorie. 
  2. Lifestyle – Make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep helps our bodies heal and rejuvenate after the rigors of the day.  The optimal number is eight hours each night! This will ensure a full recovery from the day before. Need more proof? Check out this slideshow about the benefits of sleep.
  3. Workout – Combine cardio on treadmill for 20 minutes each day, with strength-training using dumb bells. If you want to combine cardio and strength training in the same exercise, do some burpees. Here are some tips for exercises for the entire family.

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This blog is for informational purposes only. Before making any serious changes to your diet or beginning an exercise routine, contact your health care professionals.

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