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1 in 20 adults in the United States made the switch to vaping from being a cigarette smoker.

One thing people notice about vaping when they make the switch from cigarettes is there’s a lot more smoke or “clouds”. While some people just accept this as a side effect, many see it as an opportunity to do tricks.

But what are the best vape mods that can make it easier to do tricks? Check out these three mods, and see which is the best one to meet your needs.

1. Try the Kangertech Subox Mini V2 for a New Choice in Vape Mods

If you’re a new vaper and want to get started with something easy to use that’s still affordable, consider the new Subox Mini V2 2019 Edition. This one is easy for new vapers because, with a simple push of the button, huge clouds get released.

If you choose the kit, it comes with a replacement coil, a built-in battery, and a cable. You just adjust the power up and down, making this a simple vape mod to learn with.

If you’re just getting started practicing, this can make the process of learning tricks easier, since all you have to do is increase or decrease it’s power, no complicated modes or adjustments.

2. The K1 Kbox DNA75 Box Mod Stabilized Wood Special Edition

Now that vaping has become more socially acceptable, it’s understandable that folks want to find a mod as unique as they are. If you’re in the market for a mod that stands apart from the crowd, the K1 Kbox DNA75 Box Mod made of stabilized wood fits the bill.

This particular mod offers wattage that ranges from 1 W to 75 W, you can adjust as needed depending on the type of vape tricks you want to perform. You can use four different types of coils to see which one gives you the most cloud.

The wood mod can provide a different feel if you’re looking for something new to maneuver.

3. Kangertech Ranger

Perhaps you’re looking for a vape that’s simple to hold, with a fun design that sets it apart from everyone else’s. The Kangertech Ranger offers benefits that include sturdy design, so you don’t need to worry about the mod shattering if you accidentally drop it.

It makes cleaning simple by coming apart easily. As anyone who does smoke tricks can tell you, while they’re fun to perform, you’ll often find it necessary to change out coils and clean the mod the more you do these.

It also features an adjustable airflow control valve, making it easier for you to adjust based on each trick you’re doing. For someone who’s already started vaping but wants to move up, this is a great choice.

Discover More About Vape Mods

When it comes to finding the right vape mods to make it easier to perform tricks with, there’s a variety of options out there. It all depends if you’re new to vaping and if this is just for fun or on a competitive level.

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