Aalst, Belgium, 17 August 2020 – The 2nd of August 2020 is the day that the 23 year old student and entrepreneur Soufyan Najjar launched his own beauty care line, ZINEAU. You could buy his first product at midnight. The Inaya 100% Vegan, anti sulfate and paraben hair mask ensures soft, voluminous, shiny hair and the ginger extracts stimulate hair growth. Soufyan knew the product was going to be a success. When he looked for hair masks, he found almost only those that were not vegan and full of chemicals.

So he wanted his own hair masks as the first product. And Soufyan was right about this because the email addresses flew in at the pre-launch. Everyone wanted to reserve a hair mask and soon Soufyan had to re-stock. Entrepreneurship is not an unknown path for Soufyan. Last year he started his own social media agency and it went very well with clients like Pizza Hut, and he immediately took his place in the market. If that wasn’t enough, he has already started a YouTube channel with friends for almost 2 years, where he organises talk shows with famous influencers from the benelux. The channel had reached the milestone of 1 million views in 1 year.

All this as a student and being a social media influencer. If you ask him how he gets all this done, he answers with “Time management and differentiate the priorities from  the side issues”. My cell phone used to be such a big distraction for me. Now I put my phone away when it’s time to work. A final quote to inspire the young people? Just do it!

Media Contact

Soufyan Najjar
Socup Media
Aalst, Belgium