The industry-leading basement waterproofing company is teaming up with its sister firm, Sphere Restoration Solutions, to deepen the services offered. 20,000 Leaks Under the Basement provides waterproofing, drain, and sump pump installation services. The collaboration with Sphere will extend their services to include water removal and restoration services. Learn more here.


Pasadena, MD, April 10, 2022— Basement flooding is a nightmare for most homeowners because besides ruining valuable belongings and furnishings, it can expose the occupants to mold allergies and other dampness-related health problems. For more than 25 years, 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement have helped homeowners in Pasadena and the surrounding counties maintain dry and comfortable living conditions through comprehensive basement waterproofing and repair services.

The Basement Waterproofing Company has partnered with Sphere Restoration Solutions to deepen its offerings. Through this collaboration, homeowners now have access to a trusted source for water removal and restoration services. Sphere Restoration Solutions is a sister company to 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement and offers water removal, restoration, and mold remediation services.

“We are happy to announce that we are joining hands with our sister company, Sphere Restoration Solutions to provide a portfolio of comprehensive water removal and water damage services. Floods, leaks, and moisture can cause damage to your property, and dealing with such conditions can be overwhelming. This collaboration will help us cater to all water leakage and water mitigating problems for your home, from waterproofing, water removal, water management, mold remediation, rebuilding, and restoration,” said Karen Nance, the Office Manager at 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement.

Homeowners need to learn How to Avoid Basement Floods to keep their homes dry and warm. However, when the worst happens and their basement floods, the best solution is to hire an experienced water removal and extraction expert to correct the situation before the water damages carpets, furniture, and other valuable possessions. Sphere Restoration Solutions has the right personnel and equipment to mitigate these water problems. They will also investigate the root cause of the flooding, through their sister company 20,000 Leaks Under the Basement to prevent a future flooding incident.

“In the event, your home has flooded, we offer quick mitigation to save your possessions and restore normalcy in the shortest time possible. We care about getting your home back to its original condition, with minimal disruption to your daily life. Sphere Restoration Solutions is your local water removal, restoration, and mold remediation company ready to serve you 24/7,” added Nance.

This collaboration will benefit the residents of Anne Arundel and Howard County and the larger Pasadena area. Water damage problems that make homes damp, unhealthy, and inhabitable will be over, thanks to 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement and Sphere Restoration Solutions. Both firms are MHIC licensed contractors with experienced teams to manage the project for you.  From removal to restoration including repairs and prevention 20,000 Leaks Under the Basement and Sphere Restoration Solutions your waterproofing and restoration team! 

About 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement: 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement is a basement waterproofing contractor serving Anne Arundel and surrounding counties. The locally-owned firm has helped homeowners manage leaking and flooding problems in their homes for over 25 years. Its services include basement waterproofing, foundation wall, and crack repair, stairwell drain installation, window drain installation, and sump pump installation.

About Sphere Restoration Solutions: Sphere Restoration Solutions is a local water damage restoration and mold remediation company. The full-service water management firm is based in Pasadena and serves Anne Arundel and Howard County. Its services include water removal, mold remediation, restoration, and repair.

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