20 Best Indie Music Blogs to Follow and Submit in 2020

Are you an indie musician looking for a way to break into the limelight? Or are you a music aficionado who wants to keep up with new music and emerging artistsMusic blogs are one of the best channels to discover exciting artists and learn what is trending in the indie music scene.

After long hours of scouring the internet and drowning in coffee, we came up with a wide-ranging list of music blogs that meet our standards – P.S. they are quite high. The selection criterion was based on each music blog’s consistency in giving independent musicians a platform and churning out quality content.

Here are 20 of the best music blogs to follow in 2020, whether you want to submit your music or find new jams to enjoy:

  1. Atwood Magazine

What do you get when you smash creativity and music blog together? The answer is either Atwood Magazine or Creativitymusicblog – but we don’t want to dwell on the latter. As an independent music journal, Atwood Magazine prides itself in their insightful editorial, authentic writing, and a rather unique perspective on music. You can’t help but admire the simplicity and professionalism of the music blog.

To all aspiring indie musicians looking for their big break: Submit your songs to Atwood magazine and get a chance to be featured alongside industry stars. These guys even go a step further by highlighting the story behind featured acts – and everyone loves an artist with a story.

Submit to Atwood Magazine

  1. Wolf in a Suit Music Blog

Show us a music blog with a better name than Wolf in a Suit – we’ll wait! But there is more to them than just a rad name. Wolf in a Suit earned a spot in our list of the best indie music blogs due to their keen eye on exciting talents. They seem to churn out refreshing acts one after another.

We’ve come to conclude that they’re either really good at identifying high potential artists or there is something up the sleeve of that wolf suit. Submitting your music to this indie music blog is only a few clicks away.

Submit to Wolf in a Suit

  1. Various Small Flames

Words have power while music is food to the soul – and Various Small Flames has perfected both arts. This is the best music blog for people who appreciate the delicate art of literature and exploring emerging artists. It’s the kind of blog you read on a chilly Saturday evening while newly-discovered indie music plays in the background.

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that Various Small Flames was once called Wake the Deaf? Relax, you can now stop running scenarios in your mind regarding how this change of name happened – we have more music blogs to explore below.

Do you have a DIY label? What about a home recording? If so, then head over to Various Small Flames and submit your music – they have a soft spot for up-and-coming indie musicians.

Submit to Various Small Flames

  1. Drunken Werewolf

Come to think about it; the name Drunken Werewolf is quite ironic judging from the professionalism of the staff behind the British music blog. Guided by Tiffany Daniels (editor) this site oozes quality from their interviews, reviews, and previews.

If you believe your music has an innovative edge, Drunken Werewolf is one best music blogs to kickstart your journey to stardom. They have an introducing section that shines light on emerging artists that deserve the attention. Submitting your music is a walk in the park, thanks to their simple instructions – even a drunk guy could do it.

  1. Aquarium Drunkard

We’ve seen some odd names in the indie music blogosphere, but none comes close to Aquarium Drunkard – we just can’t wrap our heads around getting drunk in an aquarium (*thinking man posture*). Alcohol aside, Aquarium Drunkard is an LA-based music journal focused on podcasts, interviews, daily reviews, and of course, features.

They’ve been perfecting their trade for over a decade and their consistency since 2005 more than warrants their recognition as one of the best music blogs to grace the internet. Aquarium Drunkard covers every music genre from funk, garage, folk, avant-garde, jazz, to psych. If you’re are a new indie musician, you can’t go wrong with Aquarium Drunkard. Simply skip to their site and submit your tracks.

  1. The Music Ninja

Bored with repetitive and nauseating music? Well, so are we! With this in mind, we’ve listed The Music Ninja as one of the best music blogs primarily due to their knack for discovering creative indie music.

The multi-genre music site is ninja-focused on new and exciting indie music acts that are worthy of recognition. We were particularly impressed by their interesting playlists, featuring new artist discoveries. Did we mention that they are humorous? So, flip over to themusicninja.com and submit your music – who knows, you might be initiated into their Ninja clan.

  1. Indie88 Music Blog

What do Indie88 and Drake have in common? They both have an origin in Toronto and are they have a huge imprint on their respective music industries. As much as we’d love to discuss Drake some more, this article is geared towards the best music blogs – not the best rappers.

As you can tell from the name, Indie88 is all about indie music. But did you know that they’re actually the first indie music station in Canada? The music blog is continually running a truckload of reviews, features, and previews geared towards promoting indie musicians. Both the site and their radio station are a delicate mix of classic indies and emerging artists – making them appealing to virtually all indie music aficionados.

Based on their popularity, being featured by this music blog would give you some mad exposure and street cred. So what are you waiting for? First finish reading our lists, and then submit your music to indie88.com/submit-your-music.

  1. Indie Pulse Magazine

Indie Pulse Magazine stands out in the crowded indie-music blogging industry courtesy of their journalistic approach. If you’re after insights on the latest developments in the Indie music scene, Indie Pulse Magazine is loaded with informative interviews, articles, reviews. Content is updated regularly to keep you in the loop.

Indie Pulse Magazine is open to music submissions from indie bands or artist who believe they have what it takes. If your stars align, your music might even be featured in IPM Radio, the online radio station.

  1. Indie Shuffle

With thousands of followers, it would be an injustice to exclude Indie Shuffle from our list of the best music blogs. While most indie music blogs have a blend of write-ups and featured tunes/playlists, Indie Shuffle is focused on the sound with minimal text. Its wide array of playlists, covering different genres are neatly categorized for your convenience.

The music blog accepts submissions from determined and skilled indie musicians. But be warned: Indie Shuffle is strictly against cover mixes and auto-tune – they want originality.

  1. Xune Mag

Are you an emerging, unsigned artist with some catchy tunes? Regardless of your location or music genre, Xune Mag wants to listen and feature your music. This indie music blog is hellbent on digging out diamonds in the rough and giving them an opportunity to shine. Xune Mag will interview, review, and add your music to their playlists for the whole world to see.

Don’t think twice about it, just submit your music to Xune Mag today. They are constantly accepting new music from up-and-coming indie artists – like yourself.

  1. HighClouds

Do you want to take your music to new soaring height? Or are you a music junkie? Then take a trip with one of the best music blogs out there, HighClouds. This multi-genre platform actually evolved from a radio station, but they current dedicate their time reviewing material from new and established artists alike.

Whether you have some ‘sick’ tracks, videos, Eps, or album Highclouds is there to elevate your music. Submit your music to the indie music blog and enjoy the exposure you deserve.

  1. Indie is not a Genre

Indie is not a Genre, it’s a way of life. True to their moniker, this indie music blog covers various genres of music from punk, psychedelic, post-punk, electronica, rock, and pop. They attribute their roots to Germany, from where they grew into one of the best music blogs in Europe and beyond.

Aside from running interviews, live events, reviews, and trending news, Indie is not a Genre accepts new music from talented artists. So, are you ready to go international? Scroll to the indie music blog’s contact page and drop your submission.

  1. EarMilk

There is something calming about the name EarMilk that transcend me into a state of weightlessness – similar to listening to a smooth jam packed with gentle notes. EarMilk, which is the brainchild of Blake Edwards and Montrey Whittaker, straddles between mainstream and underground music. The U.S. and Canada-based publication features mixtapes, interviews, review, videos, and exclusive posts.

EarMilk covers most music genres, and are ready to lend you their ear. Submissions are managed through the SubmitHub platform.

  1. Somewhere Soul

Beautiful visuals, soulful sounds, and devotion to emerging musicians. These are the traits that set up Somewhere Soul as one of the best music blogs you’ll come across. You would be surprised to learn that they’ve been around for less than 3 years – yet they’re sending waves across the indie music blogosphere.

Quick browsing of their well-formatted site will reveal a horde of up-and-coming artists from diverse music genres. You can send them an email to have your music submission considered.

  1. Gorilla Vs. Bear

A recent poll on Instagram sought to determine which animal would win in a one-on-one contest – a Grizzly or a Silver-Back Gorilla. As expected, this sparked a fierce debate with equal supporters on each side. Although we might never get to see an actual gorilla Vs. bear showdown (not that we want to), we have something equal captivating by the same name. Gorilla Vs. Bear is easily among the most respected and best music blogs.

This indie music blog is not genre-specific, but they tend to veer more towards relevant artists. As a mainstream music blog, exposure doesn’t get better than Gorilla Vs. Bear.

  1. Two Story Melody

What is the real-life story behind your music? What went into the creative process? This is precisely what Two Story Melody is all about. The indie music blog is obsessed (for lack of a better word) with understanding the intricate details behind the music, and how they are pieced together to convey emotions that inspire listeners. Unsurprisingly, Jon Anderson, the editor of the music blog is a seasoned writer who’s fascinated with story behind every melody.

If you want your name and music to feature at Two Story Melody, submit your offering today – and be ready to share the steps in your creative process.

  1. The Owl Mag

Quick trivia: Why are owls considered wise? As you contemplate running a Google search, let’s discuss a different owl, The Owl Mag. This indie music blog is a fan favorite thanks to their amazing ticket giveaways, in-depth music reviews, and cool talk. If you want to keep tabs on any-and-all developments in the indie music scene, refer to the nocturnal owl. The same applies to aspiring musicians who yearn for the recognition they deserve. Trust us, submitting your music to The Owl Mag is a wise decision (pun intended).

  1. AllMusic

AllMusic has nearly all the music your ears can handle. This is the best music blog for listeners and readers looking for a comprehensive database of song and albums. They claim to have over 30 million songs and 3 million albums – we’d like to see you deplete that playlist. To help you sort through this sea of musical gems, AllMusic offers picks and ratings of the recommended songs and albums. They even provide streaming links and sound sample.

Every week, AllMusic covers new releases in their newsletter – and this is where you should aim to feature. Music can be submitted for review at their product submissions web page.

  1. Santa Rosa Records

All things are bigger and better in Texas, case in point, Santa Rosa Records. Curator of obscure music, recording studio, publishing company, and indie label – Santa Rosa Records has a lot going on. They scan all genres around the globe, leading to one of the best music selections you will find in any indie music blog.

To be honest, we rather enjoyed their posts and their interviews that delved deep int an artist’s creative process. Grab your saddle and hoof over the Santa Rosa Records indie music blog and submit your music. Your music might soon be a household tune – but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

  1. Abduction Radiation

To cap off our list of the best music blogs to submit your tracks and follow in 2020, we have Abduction Radiation. As curious are we were, we opted not to investigate the story behind the name – and it’s probably a wise decision.

Although the indie music blog leans more towards underground musicians, they cover both mainstream and indie music. They are not genre-specific, and they even allow you to download a free selection of your favorite tracks – talk about a win-win situation. Music submissions to Abduction Radiation are managed by Submit Hub.

There you have it, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the good times roll.