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It’s safe to say that significant strides have been taken in the car industry in the last decade. Some of these innovations have been useful, to say the least, while others are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Some could argue that manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries in the race to have the most desirable car while trying to one-up each other. For most, it’s been an admirable effort, while for others, it’s not even a competition. That said, here are two of the latest tech innovations in cars today.

Self-driving cars

Although this one is still in the process, self-driving cars are a concept that is not as impossible as it was before. A few years ago, automated cars were something you’d only see in dystopian sci-fi movies. Now, new laws have been proposed to accommodate driverless cars as well as their insurance, because affordable car insurance is always a must. This innovation will allow passengers to focus more on their work or even entertainment. What could this mean? Well, the self-driving car might also come with added features such as augmented reality displays on windows, state-of-the-art music systems, and the latest television screens. There is still a lot of work to be done regarding self-driving cars, but it’s safe to say that not too far from now, you’ll be driven by an invisible driver to wherever you need to go.


When it comes to cars, the road, and drivers, safety is always at the top of the list of priorities. So, it would only make sense for manufacturers to keep blazing the trail towards safer car features, allowing a smoother ride and less human error. Some of the more modern safety features that already exist include technology that helps the car stay in its lane while driving and speed control that slows down the car in traffic to avoid fender-benders. But, there is much more on the horizon than previously mentioned. An excellent example is Mercedes’ Pre-safe Sound Feature – this safety mechanism emits a sound at a particular frequency when a crash is imminent. When this sound is released to the passengers, a natural reflex is activated in the passengers’ ear canals that block out loud noises caused by the impact and the airbags being launched.

Furthermore, Mercedes has also developed a sensor that can pick up when a driver has become unresponsive behind the steering wheel. When this happens, the car automatically decreases in speed, comes to a gentle stop in its lane, switches on the hazards, and alerts medical emergency personnel to the location. These models also have sensors that will immediately pick up on a foreign object, like a deer, wandering into the road and swerve automatically to avoid collisions with the object or pedestrians.

These are but two of the most impressive innovations that have been brought to cars today. One cannot help but feel optimistic about the future of road safety and what other mind-blowing inventions will be developed to enhance driver experience and increase safety for everyone on the road.