Tattoo accessories

Are you looking for pieces of accessories to highlight your ink? Do you want to show off your body art? One great way to go about that is to use tattoo accessories that match and communicate your style.

Big names like David Beckham and Rihanna have ink pieces in the double digits. For them, it’s easy to find designers who’re willing to create custom accessories and clothes for them. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to find your perfect tattoo accessories.

You can find most of this anywhere, from the mall to online shops. Read below for a list of 12 tattoo accessories that show who you are. Stick around till you get to the beginning for some tips on how to choose the best tattoo accessories.

1. Dresses as Accessories

You might already know that colorful tattoo designs limit your wardrobe options. You may also already know that prints and patterns need to stand alone. This is why patterned dresses don’t feel and look well with big, colorful pieces.

If you have a bold tattoo, tone down your outfit. Do you remember the casual open flannel shirt over white? Dressing for your tattoo works in the same way.

Dresses with neutral or single colors work well with colorful tattoos. The more neutral you bring to your outfit, the more your tattoo stands out. Bring the attention to your back tattoo with a backless dress.

Angelina Jolie is a big inspiration for many tattooed women who want to feel great in their ink. Whenever she’s on the red carpet, she wears single-color dresses that highlight her form and ink pieces. Backless and sleeveless dresses seem to be her favorite tattoo accessories.

2. Shirts and Tank Tops

It’s easy to hide your tattoos with a long sleeve. It’s easy to wear long sleeves with patterns since they hide sleeve tattoos and thus avoid clashing styles. However, shirts with patterns might not work as well with sleeve tattoos.

When it comes to fashion, you can’t have too much going on. Our eyes need something to focus on. Since it’s easier to change what you’re wearing, bring the focus to your ink instead. It’s one reason why plain shirts go well with tattoos.

However, let’s say you want to wear something new. Get a patterned shirt with a simple color palette. The pattern won’t mess with your ink too much, even if it’s a fully-colored piece.

3. Earrings

Tattoos and ear piercings can give you a traditional “bad boy” or “bad girl” look. It’s easy, especially with tribal tattoos and pointy piercings. However, in the same fashion, earrings can work to make you look fabulous and prim.

There are tons of earring designs on the market that might match your punk or gothic tattoos. They range from dangling dream catchers to stud crosses. It’s easy to find a pair that will match your tats.
The difficult part is getting the right shapes for your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, long drops or shapes will work best to highlight your face. If you have a diamond-shaped face, avoid pointy earrings.

4. Bracelets

Like earrings, bracelets can work to highlight your tattoos as well. Even if your ink is on your back, there’s no rule against getting a bracelet to match it. Allow us this simple yet elegant example.
Imagine intricate black ink emphasized with a white backless dress. Add a pair of nude Charlotte Russe shoes and pearl earrings. To bring the whole look together, wear a bracelet of white flowers and a necklace with a matching pendant.

It’s pretty chic, right? The next day, you can jump to the opposite end of the spectrum with chunky leathers around your wrist. Remember, anything can become tattoo accessories for anybody with an eye for fashion.

5. Silver Jewelry

Silver matches almost anything. It works especially great with black ink. The neutral tones of silver jewelry can even match any style you’re wearing.

Be it formal, punk rock, or casual, you will never go wrong with silver. You can even get matching letter styling for your tattoos, though that might feel a little tacky to some.

If you’re on a tight budget, try to get wholesale silver jewelry. Getting your silver one piece at a time can cost you more compared to if you get them wholesale. Also, make sure that the jewelry you get is hypoallergenic and of high quality.

6. Necklaces

Bring collarbone and shoulder tattoos life by adding a necklace to compliment it. If you have a tattoo behind your ear, a necklace can complement it. However, as a rule, you don’t want to wear a necklace if one is already inked around your neck.

The exemption to that rule is chokers. For some reason, a white pearl choker can still look good over a heavily-inked neck. It must be the stark contrast of the whites against the black ink.

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Plus, if you’re comfortable wearing necklaces over your tattoos, then go ahead. Ignore this rule and express yourself the way you want to. Remember, what’s important is that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

7. Rings

Rings were the original bling. You can get shiny gold, silver, or diamond-studded ones to show off. When you have punk tattoos, silver works well to act as tattoo accessories.
Ring tattoos already work well without accompaniment. However, you can up your game by adding a few rings on the other fingers too. Be careful not to add too many or you’ll look like a walking ring display.

8. Lace and Mesh

Quick — do men have tattoos more than women do?

The truth is it’s almost an equal percentage. However, a lot of tattooed women still find it difficult to doll up, especially for formal events.

If you want to know the best way to give your inked skin some fabulous intrigue, go for laced outfits. Choose lace that provides “texture” that fits or matches your tattoo.

Check out how Rihanna rocked her black lace dress at the 2011 Met Gala. The cut in the back did well to show off her back and shoulder tattoos in a classy way. You can do the same with bigger tattoos that have lace-like details.

Stylish mesh does well to show but also cover up your ink. Black mesh adds a bit of mystery to your work, especially when it hides the finer details. Depending on how dark your ink is, a fine mesh can also highlight the tattoo much like eyeliner highlights the eyes.

9. Skirts

Is your biggest piece on the leg? Highlight your ink with a skirt only high enough to show enough. A basic black skater skirt can get you a long way for casual wear.

For office wear, a midi skirt can do the job to highlight lower leg tattoos. Get a sleek long skirt with a thigh slit that you can match with other tops for formal wear. Try to get a collection of different skirt lengths.

If your ink continues up under your skirt, make sure that the fabric doesn’t cut it off at a weird angle. Get a friend to help with the angle check. If you’ve got a full-length mirror at home, twirl around for a bit to make sure the skirt rests right where you want it.

10. Bonnets and Caps

Let’s talk about headwear. Getting the right ones can make miracles happen for you. For one thing, they keep your hair safe and your head warm during the winter.

Another thing the perfect headwear does is it acts as a mark of your personality. Colorful beanies give others a sense of your laidback, creative style. Inked’s Niner beanie helps communicate your rock-and-roll charm.

Caps and beanies work as great tattoo accessories because they’re comfortable. Plus, we all know that the more comfortable you are, the more confident you feel. It’s fine if you’re not a big fan of headwear.

11. Bags

Big or small, getting the right bag for your style can stress how serious you are about it. For example, a skull-shaped bag will match the edgy black tattoo around your arm. Even when you’re going to a formal event, a little bit of rock star bling on your bag can tell a lot about you.

If you want to go all-out punk, there are leather backpacks on the market with pointed studs. Fair warning, they’re a little heavy. If you want something lighter, there are shoulder bags and handbags available.

12. Socks

Have you got some colorful thigh tattoos? Bring wanted attention to them with short shorts and knee-high socks. It’s a cute yet sexy way to show off your body and ink.

Plain socks go well to hide the tail end of a colorful leg tattoo. They’re also part of what adds a bit of mystery to your ink. Remember, make sure the socks won’t cut your tattoo out at an odd angle.
Express Your Style with Tattoo Accessories!

Getting the right tattoo accessories is like getting inked. Ask yourself if you’re comfortable wearing or with it. It might look great on you but you might not feel the same way wearing it.

If you have a colorful piece, the colors of your accessories should fit with the colors on your skin.
However, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to wear monochrome or neutral tones all the time. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see how well you can wear colorful accessories.

Keep this checklist in mind whenever you’re shopping for clothes and tattoo accessories.

That’s it for our tips on what you should consider for tattoo accessories. Did you find this post enjoyable and informative? If you did, check out our other guides for more fun content.