Gift baskets

When you’re having trouble shopping for a woman in your life, then a great gift options is a gift basket. There are plenty of different types of gift baskets for women that you can give that make perfect presents.

Your best option when it comes to making a gift basket is choosing a theme and then finding the perfect items to fit your theme. The women in your life will love receiving a handpicked gift basket especially if it is made just by you.

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Keep reading for our guide to thirteen of the best DIY gift baskets for women that will make her smile.

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1. Movie Gift Basket

The perfect gift basket for someone who is hard to shop for is a movie gift basket. Everyone loves watching movies or eating movie snacks so fill a basket with tons of fun treats. You can pick out their favorite movies or give them a gift card to go to the movie of their choice. Make sure to include some movie theater popcorn and some delicious candies that they can eat during the movie.

2. Spa Day Gift Basket

If the woman you’re shopping for loves treating herself to a spa day or just enjoys pampering herself every once in a while, then you should totally get her a spa day gift basket. A spa day gift basket can be filled with bath bombs, face masks, lotions, and even fancy towels. She will love using her spa day gift basket to have a day of total relaxation.

3. Chocolate Gift Basket

Some people love chocolate and if you’re shopping for one of those people, then make sure to get them a gift basket filled with their favorite chocolates. You can also find items that are chocolate covered or even flavored to add a bit of diversity to your gift basket. Hot chocolate and chocolate-covered peanuts are delicious additions to your chocolate gift basket.

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4. Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee is the perfect type of gift basket to give to a woman who loves making her own coffee at home. You can include a few cute coffee cups as well as lots of different types of coffee. Another great thing to add would be syrups or even creamers that she will love.

5. Tea Gift Basket

On the other hand, if she doesn’t like coffee and prefers tea, then get her a gift basket filled with different types of tea. You can get some fancy loose tea or some teabags.

6. BBQ Gift Basket

If the woman in your life loves to make delicious food out on the barbeque, then get her a gift basket stuffed with BBQ essentials. You can give her barbeque sauce, as well as accessories to help the grilling process. Make sure to throw in an apron as well!

7. Manicure Gift Basket

Another type of pampering gift basket to give a woman in your life is one filled with all the essentials for a manicure. You can get her nail files, nail clippers, a base coat, a topcoat, and lots of different pretty colored nail polishes. She will love being able to do her nails with this gift basket.

8. Baking Gift Basket

If you’re shopping for a woman who loves to bake, then make sure to get her a baking gift basket. You can put lots of delicious treats in a baking gift basket such as chocolate chips or cake mixes. You should also include a mixing bowl or even a whisk to really give her a great baking gift basket.

9. Alcohol Gift Basket

When it comes to creating a gift basket that she is sure to love, then aim towards creating one with alcohol. GiftTree has tons of different gift baskets that are filled with wine, champagne, and many other options. If the woman in your life enjoys having a drink once in a while and especially if they like fancy wines, then aim to get her a gift basket with alcohol.

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10. Cheese Gift Basket

Another type of gift basket that can go along with wine is cheese! A lot of people love cheese and there are so many different types of cheeses that you can put into a gift basket. Try to figure out what her favorite types of cheeses are and you can even include a cheese board and knife set to help her make the cheese platter of her dreams.

11. Snack Gift Basket

If you know all of her favorite snacks, then get her a gift basket filled with tons of her favorite goodies. Filling a gift basket full of snacks is fun and something that she will be able to have for a long time. It will also be really fun for her to open the gift basket and see all the great treats that you picked for her.

12. Game Night Gift Basket

A game night gift basket is perfect for pretty much anyone but the woman in your life will be sure to love it. You can fill this gift basket with either her favorite games or try a few new games. Make sure to add snacks to the gift basket as well such as chips, chocolates, and candies. People love eating snacks when they’re playing games.

13. Girl’s Night Out Gift Basket

It is easy to create a ‘girl’s night out’ gift basket to give as a gift to a woman in your life. This type of gift basket can have margarita mix, some cute wine glasses, as well as some fun snacks for all of her friends to eat. She will love having all the essentials so she and her friends can have the best girl’s night out.

Gift Baskets For Women

When it comes to making gift baskets for women you have tons of different options. Think about all of their favorite things and then you will know exactly what type of gift basket to get for the woman in your life.

If you’re looking for more awesome gift ideas, then make sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks.