First there was snail mail, then there was email, and that’s where the changes stop. Though it’s true we live in an era where social media is king, you should never underestimate the power of the humble email.

While marketing trends and social media platforms come and go, email remains the main platform for businesses to communicate consistently with their clients, and to provide help and support effectively.

Do you want some killer email marketing ideas to help grow your business? Then keep reading to find out more.

Email Marketing Ideas

A well-thought-out email marketing campaign can help to increase client engagement and retention through constant and genuine communication.

Here are the 10 winning email marketing ideas for insurance agencies that you should implement.

1. Welcome and Onboarding Emails

First things first, when you land a new client you need to welcome them to the company. Make sure your customer knows how much you value them by telling them as much, no matter how big or small the contract.

Next, if you require additional information from the customer to validate their policy, send out timely reminders to give them a nudge and help the process run smoothly.

2. Touch Base

Once your client is on board, you want to make sure you keep them happy. Nobody wants to get lost in the system, so make sure your clients know you care, and that you’re interested in how they’re getting on.

Is there anything they need? Is the service they’re receiving meeting their expectations? Is there anything you could do better, or do they need to run through anything with you? Perhaps add a friendly face to your marketing emails.

An automated email set up every few months will let them know you’re there to help.

3. Product Updates

While product updates emails are necessary, you’ll want to proceed with caution. After all, insurance companies are known for wanting to sell people stuff, so you want to buck the trend and keep your email marketing campaign friendly.

Don’t push your products. Rather, fill them in on updates to their subscription they may be interested in. And gently check whether their personal or family circumstances have changed since they took out their policy.

You want to tread carefully here, because if your customers feel like all you want is their money, they may just go elsewhere.

4. Changes in the Marketplace

Things are always changing. There are constant changes in legislation, taxation and market trends, which your customers might be concerned about.

When there are major changes in your industry that will affect your clientele, educate them in a clear and simple way. Don’t inundate them with facts and figures and all the negative implications. Rather, be honest, open and keep it simple.

If your customers know you’ve got their back and know what you’re doing, they’ll feel much safer in your competent hands.

5. Handy Hints

While you want your customers to know everything’s under control, you don’t want them to forget about you. And this includes engaging with potential clients – you want to be on their minds.

One great way to do that is to provide free hints and tips that help educate and empower. Explain how they can save money – not just with product bundling, but by reviewing their policy, updating you with new circumstances and so on.

Remember – transparency builds trust, and customers would rather stay with a reputable and trusted company than one that doesn’t care.

6. Keep It Real

In a similar vein, you want your customers to know they can’t always afford the all-bells-and-whistles policy. Rather than trying to talk up the most expensive products on your business shelf, help them understand which product will best suit their needs and circumstances.

If a customer knows you’re looking out for them financially, they’ll be far more likely to come back to you as soon as they can climb the next rung of the ladder.

7. Renewal Reminders

One thing people almost universally hate is marketing phone calls. So, when your customer’s policy is up for renewal, a successful email marketing campaign dictates that it can be done online.

Send them a reminder a couple of months beforehand, and then the month before. Always be clear about what, if anything, they need to do, so your customer always knows what’s required of them.

8. Friend Referrals Bonus Incentive

To grow your business, you don’t just need to keep the customers you’ve got – you need to find new ones. One of the best ways to find new customers is through your current client base.

Humans are creatures of habit, and one habit intrinsic to all of us is asking for advice from a trusted friend. If their friends ask your customers which insurer to go with, your name should be the one on their lips! A referrals bonus will go a long way to keep it there.

9. Stay Current

You always want to be on top of your game, and keep up-to-speed on your customers needs. To that end, think ahead to what your customers may need to know 3 months, 6 months, a year into the future.

Rather than selling to them, give them guidance on how to help themselves at that time. For example, give them tips on how to drive safely in the winter. Give backpackers tips on how to stay safe when traveling.

Be an expert in both your field and your locality – whether that’s a city, country, or the world – and your customers will know where to turn when they need helpful advice.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency is one of the first rules in email marketing basics. No matter how witty your emails are, how informative or educational, if they’re inconsistent you’ll probably be forgotten.

After the initial welcome and onboarding email flurry, make sure you keep in touch. Use the email marketing ideas we’ve outlined to help your customers feel looked after, to build their trust, and to let them know you’re around when they need some help.

When your customers feel like they’re a face and not a number, they’ll be far more likely to throw more business your way.

Email Marketing Ideas that Work

A solid email marketing strategy is a major asset for any business. It’s the perfect way to engage with potential clients, gain new ones, and make sure your current ones stick with you.

With strong educational content, regularly reaching out to touch base, and building trust, your business will continue to grow and keep your customers happy for a long, long time.

Are you trying to work out that winning strategy that will engage your target audience? Why not get in touch and see how we can help you grow.